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Who is responsible for gritting roads? 

Who is responsible for gritting roads? For private roads and carparks the business owner is responsible for snow and ice safety. Highway authorities are responsible for most public road gritting. They manage every 9 of ten miles of road which totals to approximately 225,00 miles in the UK. For Wales and England, the total number of highway authorities is 174, and they get about 41% of roads. The roads covered are the major A roads plus motorways. 

What are the legal duties on clearing snow and ice from roads?

According to the 1980 Highways Act used in Wales and England;  Section 41 part 1A says that  " highway authority must make sure that as much as its possible practically, highways are safe for passage with no endangers of ice or snow."

Also, section 150 of the same requires those authorities to do away with snow from roads if it is resulting in obstruction. 

England Traffic Management Act 2004 requires that the authorities should do everything which is reasonable practically too effectively manage network ensuring traffic runs appropriately. To meet the need, the authorities are required to figure out contingency plans which will help them deal with unplanned events effectively like unforeseen climate conditions.

Why don't councils grit all roads?

In the UK, council cover roads about 225,000 miles and it would be too costly to grit every road. As well, there are roads which are too steep or narrow such that the lorry to grit cannot navigate. The councils have instead sought other ways like supplying residents with grit bins locally, liaising with community groups and parish councils to grit more remote and residential areas while working with the farmers to clear up rural regions.

Are councils responsible for gritting pavements?

Most of the pavements technically are considered highways and so the councils have some duty on them. However, the decision on the pavement to treat depends on factors like the number of people using it and frequency of use. If there exist other ways to use or better ways of clearing like community schemes, the councils let it be.

Can people be sued if someone falls on a path or pavement the council have cleared?

No law exists regarding personal clearance of public spaces or even pavements. Actually, ministers encourage such spirit insisting on prevailing of common sense plus the benefit of the doubt.  

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