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Winter Gritting - Frequently Asked Questions

Harsh weather conditions in the winter sharply increase the risk of accidents and injury. Ice and snow formed on roads, pavements and paths lead to more slips and falls. Peterhead Gritting Services specialises in reducing those risks; we have a fleet of specialist vehicles to spread grit and clear away snow. We've compiled a brief list of the commonly asked questions regarding gritting below:

sign on motorway warning for freezing conditions

Why do we need to salt roads that turn icy?

Treating hard areas such as the roads with salt will help keep the frost and ice from forming and will reduce the snow that can build up and make driving conditions dangerous. The client we work with is legally obligated to make help reduce slip and fall accidents. 

What is the cost when a person makes an ice or snow removal claim?

Damage from ice and snow can cost several thousand pounds to tens of thousands of pounds depending on the severity of the injuries and the effect that it has on the daily life and functioning of the person making a claim. 

The cost will increase if the claimant is looking for compensation for their injuries and any lost wages they have suffered from the earnings they have lost as a result of this fall. They may need additional assistance based on their injuries.

When is the best time of the day to clean off snow?

We offer snow removal services 24/7. If a car park is full, it would not be wise to waste money in this area when the cars are parked. Snow clearing is best when it is done between 7am and 7pm. This is the safest time of the day for our equipment operators and will have the least effect on traffic.

How will salt prevent the formation of snow and ice?

When water begins to freeze, frost and ice start to form. Salt spread on the hard surfaces will mix with the moisture and create what is known as a saline solution. This solution requires a lower temperature to freeze than water. This will prevent frost and ice from forming on the surface.

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